Tails In Design | Saturday Jan 27

1  Zoomies - Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs Snow Angels2  Mostly Harmless Heart of Gold - Asylum Unleashed Red P/U3  Ruff Position Desserts - High Fives Black4  Bordering On Insanity Rush - Hawkeye Hustlers Travelers P/U5  K9 Wrecking Ballz - Asylum Unleashed Black6  Ulti-Mutts - High Fives Blue7  Ruff Position Stressed - Bordering On Insanity OCD8  Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs Snow Angels - Milwaukee Dogs Great Balls of Fur9  Mostly Harmless Moxie - Wagging Tails Flyball Bitzy10  Not Affiliated Omar11  Asylum Unleashed Bounce12  Mostly Harmless Sydney &13  Mostly Harmless Kerouac14  Wagging Tails Flyball15  Milwaukee Dogs Great Balls of Fur - Zoomies16  Asylum Unleashed Red P/U - High Fives Black17  Mostly Harmless Heart of Gold - Ruff Position Desserts18  K9 Wrecking Ballz - Bordering On Insanity Rush19  Asylum Unleashed Black - Hawkeye Hustlers Travelers P/U20  Wagging Tails Flyball - Ulti-Mutts21  High Fives Blue - Ruff Position Stressed22  Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs Snow Angels - Zoomies23  Bordering On Insanity Ricochet - Bordering On Insanity Glide24  Mostly Harmless Annie25  Not Affiliated Gunner26  Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs Rusty27  Ruff Position28  Zoomies Tex29  K9 Wrecking Ballz Trip30  Milwaukee Dogs Great Balls of Fur - Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs Snow Angels31  Asylum Unleashed Red P/U - Ruff Position Desserts32  High Fives Black - Mostly Harmless Heart of Gold33  Hawkeye Hustlers Travelers P/U - K9 Wrecking Ballz34  Asylum Unleashed Black - Bordering On Insanity Rush35  Ruff Position Stressed - Ulti-Mutts36  Bordering On Insanity OCD - Wagging Tails Flyball37  Zoomies - Milwaukee Dogs Great Balls of Fur38  Not Affiliated Omar39  Asylum Unleashed Bounce40  Mostly Harmless Sydney41  Mostly Harmless Kerouac42  Wagging Tails Flyball43  Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs Rusty & ?44  Asylum Unleashed Red P/U - Mostly Harmless Heart of Gold45  High Fives Black - Ruff Position Desserts48  Zoomies - Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs Snow Angels51  Wagging Tails Flyball Bitzy - Mostly Harmless Moxie52  Ruff Position53  Zoomies Tex54  Not Affiliated Gunner56  Ruff Position Desserts - Mostly Harmless Heart of Gold59  Rapids Intens-A-Flyrs Snow Angels - Milwaukee Dogs Great Balls of Fur61  Bordering On Insanity Glide - Bordering On Insanity Ricochet62  Moslty Harmless Annie63  K9 Wrecking Ballz Trip64  Ruff Position Desserts - Asylum Unleashed Red P/U65  Mostly Harmless Heart of Gold - High Fives Black66  Bordering On Insanity Rush - Asylum Unleashed Black67  K9 Wrecking Ballz - Hawkeye Hustlers Travelers P/U68  Milwaukee Dogs Great Balls of Fur - Zoomies69  Bordering On Insanity OCD - High Fives Blue